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Ballistic Plates:

Hagor is a big supplier of ballistic plates ranging from ceramic plates to the newest lightest PE plates.

We supply ceramic plates in NIJ level 3 and in NIJ level 4 that stop Armor Piercing bullets.

These plates weigh from a range of 2.6kg to 3.2kg

We supply PE light plates according to NIJ level 3 and even level 3+

These light plates weight range from 1.4kg-1.7kg

We supply small quantity orders or large quantities, and also have plates in stock.

In special orders we can also supply ballistic steel plates which are cheaper but heavier.

Anti-Knife Stab Protection Plates:
Hagor produce special anti-knife stab plates that can be installed in the vest to upgrade the vest protection.
We have three deferent models of plates to stop stabs of deferent kinds & spikes
from 24 Joules, 33 Joules up to- 50 Joules.
The plate comes in the universal size of 25x30cm and therefore can fit any vest.

Ceramic Plate
Formal plate
Anti Knife Stab

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