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Mine Mattress

Create a safe path within a minefield

The Mine-Mattress prevents mine activation by dividing the person's weight, over a large surface area in a uniform manner, such as the actual weight, applying on a mine located under the Mattress, is lower than its own activation threshold.

The Mine Mattress is composed of a rigid treading surface in its upper side, which is harnessed to a flexible envelope in its lower side.
The envelope consists of five compartments, each of which contains a flexible air cushion. The air cushions are connected with each other via tube and fittings, allowing air flow and pressure balancing. The flexibility of the envelope enables the creation of a matching counterpart of the terrain, thereby achieving homogenous dispersion of the user's weight.

There are 3 main ways in which the Mine-Mattress can be used:
Laying a number of devices one next to the
    other, to create a safe passage within a  
    minefield and allowing an unlimited number
    of personnel to cross it.
Using the Mine-Mattress to kneel or lie near a mine in order to uncover its
    location and neutralize it.
Using the Mine-Mattress for evacuation of wounded person from a minefield,  
    by creating an immediate and safe path for the medical team. The mine mattress will allow also
    carrying the wounded person on a stretcher easily and safely out of the minefield.


The Mine Mattress maintains maximum safety and reliability on various surfaces-
from sand to rocky terrain and from mud to vegetated areas.



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