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Minefield Crossing Sandals-MICS

A safe way to cross a minefield


The MiCS is a unique product designed to enable soldiers to cross or

work within a minefield.
Using the MiCS, a soldier can perform mine
detection activity or simply cross the minefield in order to move forward to other missions.

The MiCS prevents accidental mine activation.

The sandal is made from a reinforced plastic surface.
The plastic surface is attached to a canvas and nylon fabric envelope.
This flexible envelope contains 5 compartments, each of which contains
one air cushion.

These cushions are connected to each other via connecting tube and
a flexible manifold.
The sandal is filled with air using a rubber tube with an oral inflation -
The upper part of the plastic surface is equipped with

special straps that harness the soldier's shoe to the sandal.

The MiCS can be used in all types of terrain without loss of efficiency.

The product has NO metal content allowing the unimpeded use of a
mine detectors and preventing the unintentional detonation of
magnetic mines.

Technical Specifications

Size: 35x70x13 cm (14x27x5 inches).

Weight: 2.5 Kg. (5.5 Pound)

Air Volume: ~30 Liters

Designed to carry up to 150kg (333 pounds) on each sandal.

Mine Mattress


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