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The Road Viper new, updated polymer roadblock.
Thanks to the durable properties of its polymeric material, there is no chance of it being bent or broken - even in the roughest operational conditions.
Due to smart design the Road Viper do not need external stabilizer, though it’s extremely stable on its on.  
Has a unique shape hollow spikes that stays embedded in tires deflating them in approx. 5 seconds!
The unique Road Viper has a smart self-release mechanism for each spike; therefore the spike cannot detach itself from the barrier unless a car wheel exerts a great pressure. With its simple spike replacement technique, the Road Viper will be back in operation just minutes after use.
The new version comprises the possibility of remote folding using a rope, therefore minimizing the time the security officer endanger his life while standing on the road.

Available in different dimensions.
Standard length is 3.6 m.
Width when fully extended: 19.5 cm.

.6 m long weight: approx. 6.5 kg.          
Weight including case: 8 kg.      
Box Dimensions: W.: 38.5 cm. L.: 52 cm. H.: 8 cm


Road Viper
Road Viper-close
Road Viper-open

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