HAGOR Helmet- BH01

The Helmet HAGOR-BH01 offers protection against fragments and

bullets of explosive ammunition, bombs and sharp and cold weapons.

The helmet shell is made of composite materials by unique technology.

The shape of the helmet protects from injuries and allows the

use of microphone and radio-telephone system.

Our helmet with a weight of 1500 gr. Performs Vo 325 m/s.

Using a fragmentation simulator 5.56 mm, weight 1.102 +/- 0.02 gr.

The helmet shell offers a ballistic protection level of Vo 620 m/s using

MIL STD 662.E.

Because of the extra ordinary characteristics, high ballistic protection level,

light weight, security and comfort during use, helmet BH01 become a

part of standard products of military and police forces.

Series of investigations were conduced according to: STANAG 2920,

NIJ 0101.04 and MIL STD 662.E standard.

The accuracy and efficiency are guarantied by the team of experts.

All metal parts are anti corosion protected.

The helmet is adjusted for combat conditions, thus preliminary,

unwinding of side bolts detaching the visor and applying the camouflage

coating for helmet. 


Size Hand size cm. Weight gr. Protection Level Vo m/s
      48 - 58 1500 +/-20 gr.         IIIA ≤  325 m/s

 VELOCITY Vo ≤  325 m/s

Ammunition Ammunition
weight (Gr.)
Max velocity Energy Helmet
  M/S   Ft/S     J
Vo 325 m/s

1500+/-20 gr.
9 mm PARA         8   441   1450    780
9 mm NORMA
       7.5   410   1345   630

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