Outdoor Gear:


Hagor is a big producer of outdoor gear.

We produce a big range of camping tents ranging from a small 2 mans tent to larger 4 or even 8 mans tents.

Also many types of sleeping bags suitable for all kind of using including milspec models.

We produce outerwear as fleez jackets and Dubon jackets and overall coats to cover the hole body.

Our outerwear products are made from the highest quality materials.

Click here for winter clothing

We have a large range of rucksack , backpack and bags, outdoor gear and we welcome any requests from our customers.    


901602- Max towel
H2O-Multi bag
101700-Flash-Touch tent
Kenya 80+15 Lt.
Bathing bags
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Hagor Industries Ltd. 13 Shenkar st. Kiryat-Arie, Petach Tikva. Tel: + 972 3 9248990  Fax: + 972 3 9243996

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