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Ballistic Protection

Protective Bulletproof vests- Armor vests to protect against bullets, knives, fragments and even 7.62 A.P bullets (by using ceramic or Famostone plates) battle vests with many different type and uses including datachable pouches and modular design.

Ballistic Protective Clothing    
Resistance Chart   
Armor Body Suit

HPV-1642 Israel National Police Vest
HPV 1642 B
HBA 2042 Titan (Anti-Terrorist) Vest
HBA 2042
HPV 1600/50 AM
HPV-1600/50 AM
HPV-1600/50 Am-Option
HPV-1600/50 AM- Option
HPV 1692/200W
HPV /1103/ UN
HPV 1642
HPV 1642/50- IRK
HPV 1642/50- IRK
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