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Hagor Company was founded in 1956.
Hagor is a major supplier of millitary gear to:
Israel Defence Forces, Israel Police, Special Anti Terror Units in Israel and word wide.
   For more than 50 years Hagor is known for anything that is connected with Soldiers personal gear, Bullet proof vests, millitary gear, rucksacks, bags, tents, sleeping bags, and so on.
   Hagor has the experience and know how to manufactur every item in this field, according to the customers requirements and specifications.

Hagor quality control system complies with the Quality Management Standard SI
ISO 9001:2000


   Hagor’s strict quality control policy is based on the ISO9001 2000 version and complies with all the standard's points.
he ISO enforces all positions in the organization to comply with all the ISO’s regulations.    

   The companies quality control policy stands with Hagor’s commitment to manufacture, market and promote as to the customers satisfactory. To achieve this Hagor believes in quality management including R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

   The company's managers and all employees are responsible to comply with the strict quality control policy. Hagor’s management sees itself responsible to carry out and manage the companies quality control policy.

   Hagor always puts itself in the front edge of the market and puts its goals according to the markets development.

Hagor looks at the surrounding environment and Hagor’s management executes questioners to gather information and make decisions on standing in the quality goals.

   Hagor’s management will carry out a written quality control policy to make sure the product meets the quality requirement.

   Hagor’s management will appoint a Quality control examiner who will pass the relevant training for the job and will be qualified for the job.

   Hagor’s management will conclude internal testing for:

A.    Making sure the company is standing in the ISO 9001 2000 requirements.

B.    Making sure the company is achieving progress in all aspects of its policy to achieve growth and move ahead.

C.    Locating points in which intervention is needed for improvement and moving the company in the right direction.  

   Hagor will provide all funds and efforts for seeing through the companies quality control policy.

The company will always put emphasize in amending its quality control policy and get it to match the surrounding environment.    

   Once a year the companies management and its head of QC department will conclude a refreshment in its quality control policy for all the companies employees including the management. 


Haim Frenkel


Hagor Industries Ltd.


Hagor Industries Ltd. 13 Shenkar st. Kiryat-Arie, Petach Tikva. Tel: + 972 3 9248990  Fax: + 972 3 9243996

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